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Traditional medicine explains since pregnancy makes enlarging of body and abdomen, hair follicles and vessels are dilated too. Preparing body to have a new living inside, body temperature will raise up. During labor, body temperature will even be raised and all blood vessels are dilated. All heats inside will decrease and disappear, but hair follicles are still dilated. Therefore, mother needs special treatment to balance body temperature. Besides, Yoo Fai also helps in circulatory system, involution, expelling lochia and closing of cervix in order to prevent infections and placenta retained. Mother has to follow those instruction strictly.

From conception till delivery, body balance will be disturbed and leads to changing of the body since the first trimester until the 3rd trimester, refer to 4 elements changing. Such as enlarged uterus, gaining weight, swelling body, engorged breast, white stria and leg swelling. Fats will easily store since eating habit changed and changing of substructure such as constipation, more heart load, respiratory distress, more load in renal function and Frequent urination.

Traditional Yoo Fai is really helpful. If mother does not pass through this process, she will easily feel flash or shivering in the 5th decade. Old age women (wai-tong)Yoo Fai can help prevent those symptoms, adjust the balance of hormone. If it set properly, it can lead to normal function very quickly.

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